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Discmania 2020 Halloween Medusa GLOW Lumen Soft Link

Discmania 2020 Halloween Medusa GLOW Lumen Soft Link

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Link up your putting game just in time for glow season and cooler temperatures. The fan favorite Exo Lumen Link is now available for a limited time only.

The Link has a stable, reliable flight for a putter. You can count on it to handle a pretty decent amount of snap before wanting to turn over. It has a slightly shallower feel and profile compared to the P2, making it a great option for just about anyone and especially those that find the P2 to be too deep in hand.

Lumen plastic adds some specialty flare to your favorite putter. You can expect the grip of this plastic to be just as good as our traditional Soft or Hard Exo plastics but will glow in the dark when exposed to natural or artificial light.

Pro Tip: The Hard Lumen plastic gives the Link enough rigidity for players to be confident that the disc will retain its shape, even for players with a firm grip. While remaining firm, the Hard Lumen plastic has a soft velvet like feel to its surface making this plastic both reliable and comfortable to the touch.

Flight Rating: 2/3/0/1